Preventing Multiple Submissions Contact Form 7

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Add this css to the page to get a loader. Change the url to your loader or use theirs: <style> div.wpcf7 .ajax-loader { pointer-events: none; z-index:100; position: fixed; top:0; left:0; background:rgba(255,255,255,1); display: block; background-image: none; background-image: url(/wp-content/uploads/ajax-loader.gif); width: 100%; height: 100%; border: none; padding: 0; margin: 0; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: auto; background-position: center; } </style>

A Day Without Facebook

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Every social media participant should ask themselves one very real question about how SM effects their lives. That question is: over the history of your social media use do you think you have a net gain in the total number of people in your sphere or have you had a net loss in the total […]

FOUC Fixer

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Stumbled across this looking for solution to FOUC (flash of unstyled content) for a site I’m developing using the awesosme fullpage.js. There is a lot of css and the site was loading unstyled (FOUC). This is great solution by <a href=””>mehtaculous</a> that is simple as can be. Make sure your are pulling jQuery lib to […]

RIT Dye Marketing circa 1970

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Tie Dye is a big part of 20th century history. People have been rocking the hippie camo since about 1968-ish. Check out how colorful people wanted to be and tell me that wasn’t a great time in America. Printed in the USA in 1970. I got this from someone who threw nothing away. Great ephemera. […]

Don’t limit your SERP text

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As of last year Google changed the character count of the organic search results. This tool is a great way to try your meta text in simulation. Hint: keyword stuffing is out. Think ‘Google Ad’ when writing. See example:

Responsive CSS Media Query Starter File

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Responsive design is a lot of work but this might help you. Great starter file. I didn’t create this file but I customized it for the average site. The specific media queries go up to iPhone 7 and includes Samsung Galaxy along with the iPad etc. Sample: /* iPhone 6/7 (portrait) ———– */ @media only […]

Stop Chasing Min-Height. Flex is easy.

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Stop chasing min-height when creating storefronts, galleries or even blog pages in ‘tombstone’ format. The days of hanging items and empty columns are ovr. Get your stuff to line up for mobile etc with flex css. Here is the basic setup. Download the demo. The CSS: .flex-container { display: flex; flex-flow: row wrap; justify-content: space-between; […]

Hotshotz Site Redesign

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Special thanks to Reusable Heat for letting us redesign their website. They have an awesome product called Hotshotz Heat Packs that get hot with the push of a button. After they cool, just recharge by placing them in boiling water, then use again and again. See the site at Us: New Mobile responsive design. […]

Retail Holiday Calendar for 2017

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I needed this for a project using Google AdWords. Hope this helps you if you need to plan your marketing for ’17. New years Day 1-Jan MLK Day 16-Jan Third Monday in January Valentines Day 14-Feb Presidents Day 20-Feb St Patricks Day 17-Mar Easter 16-Apr Earth Day 22-Apr (or closest weekend) Cinco de Mayo 5-May […]

How to Disable Firefox ‘Restore Tabs After Crash’

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I personally don’t understand the logic of attempting to restore the sites that just crashed your browser. :/ On the Mac, a slow site can tie up Firefox for minutes and make it unusable. Restoring those sites after forced quit is so frustrating. I found this online as a solution. Following steps will be helpful […]

AMP = Instant Mobile Optimization

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I’m blown away by how fast my site became instantly on mobile when I read about and installed an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin. There are several out there already but I used this: Read more at

Chrome Launches at Startup on Your Mac?

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There are a few reasons why Chrome will launch itself on boot. If you have eliminated the obvious ones (like control+click on the Chrome icon in the dock and select Options>>Uncheck ‘Open at Login’) and Chrome is still launched on start, try System Preferences>>Users & Groups>>Login Items. Make sure Chrome is unchecked.

Ojai Candle Co Gets a Crafty Logo

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Creating a logo for a new brand can be challenging. When creating the logo for Ojai Candle Co, we decided that going ‘old school’ might fit right in with the vibe of the age old profession of candle making. The design process was as follows: create ink stamps spelling out the company name, photograph the […]

Mike Edwards, CEO of eBags

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“Companies that do not have a mobile strategy in content, marketing and technology soon will not matter,” said Mike Edwards, CEO of eBags. “Today for, 45% of our traffic is from some form of a mobile device, and it is having a profound impact on how we structure and align our resources to be […]

Update on Tel links and Facetime links

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Creating the correct format for your telephone number links is important because different devices react differently. I prefer to use the folowing format. Tel: <a href=”tel:+18057460079″>805-746-0079</a> <a href=”facetime://8057460079″>Facetime Us</a> I add the Facetime link, not because I want to be contacted via Facetime but, because clicking the default tel format on a Mac causes the […]

Secure, Paperless HIPAA Compliant Data Solutions. Take Your Practice Online.

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OjaiWebDev is now offering a new consulting and development service for Medical Practices, Aesthetics Clinicians, CMT’s, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and even Veterinarian Clinics looking to go green, reduce paper and ink use, increase data security and take their “paperwork” into the digital age: HIPAA Compliant Paperless Solutions. HIPAA Compliant, Secure data submission is much less expensive […]

Yoga Across America Website

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Client: Yoga Across America ( Gear: Drupal website with Facebook integration, PayPal Shopping Cart, Youtube channel, Two Facebook pages with significant activity, JQuery Photo Slider. Comments: We have a great relationship with this non-profit and offer our services at a reduced rate, although we get free yoga classes which is nice. Additional info: We designed […]

PayPal. Don’t Hate The Kid

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PayPal seems to get the short shrift from a lot of businesses when it comes to selling online. Most businesses want to jump right into full sized shopping cart system under their own domain name. We don’t think of one as ‘better’ than the other, just like we don’t think one content management system is […]