Clickable Phone Number HTML

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I get a lot of questions about phone numbers on websites and making them click-able to dial on a mobile device. Some devices see the phone number in the link, but what if you want to use “click here” or something to that effect?

There are several syntax(s) out there, but I recommend using tel. Here is the code:

 <a href="tel:+11235551212">Click to Call Me! Me</a> 

Which gives you this:
Click to Call Me!
I recommend showing the number like:

 <a href="tel:+11235551212">Click to Call Me at 1-123-555-1212</a> 

HINT: Most computer based (non-mobile) devices will error out when you click. For example, my laptop gives an error because I have no program associated with tel. Some user might launch Skype. The tel link works on iPhone, Droid and Blackberry.