Online Phone Number Formats Test

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Which numbers work for which mobile devices when clicked? Please pull this page up on your mobile and test each to see if it launches your phone app with the number populated :) My results below.

FYI: clicking these numbers and links in a browser on non-mobile device or even tablet might give you an error page (Firefox) or do nothing (Chrome). For some of you it might open Skype or other VOIP apps. The error simply means your computer (like mine) is not set up to make phone calls or is not configured to open your VOIP app.

#1: (916) 555-5555

#2: 916-555-5555

#3: 916 555-5555

#4: 916.555.5555

#5: +1 916 555 5555

#6: call me

#7: 1 916 555 5555

#8: 916 555 5555

What worked for you? On what phone or other mobile? Probably easier to say what did not work for you. Most of these should work. Email me if you test :). I am very interested in what works on iPhone, Windows, Blackberry since I only have Droid.

My testing was done on an Android HTC Evo 4G. All of these actually worked EXCEPT number 4. Why care? If you use the uber cool dots in your email signature ###.###.#### it’s more difficult because it then looks like an IP address to any browser. I recommend #1 or the link format used in #5-#8.

Here is the code:
<a href=”tel:+19165555555″> (916) 555-5555 </a>
which would appear like this (916) 555-5555