PNG Files Showing Up Black in Thumbnails with NextGen? Lightbox broken? Relax.

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Quick post: I am using the ubiquitous NextGen Gallery on several projects but for the first time, today it started bugging out bigtime. Nothing was working correctly and the lightbox feature would not come on at all. Then, when I did get a decent gallery together, some of the thumbnails were now black rather than transparent.

I am the first to admit that ‘operator error’ is the source of 99% of the supposed bugs out there plus, I love NextGen so I don’t want to downgrade it at all. It’s great and it’s free.

The black images was neither op error nor the software. It was for our branding samples page so some of the files were transparent png files. Png fix is always in effect so it wasn’t that. It was just that the image processor was creating the thumbnails (thank NG) which is nice, but it was losing the transparency as an eps or png might do in older Photoshop versions. Easy fix. Add white backgrounds, re-upload your files, go to manage gallery and create new thumbnails.

Not sure what’s up with the lightbox but instead of pulling my hair out debugging it, I was lucky enough to stumble on a post for the Balupton version of the JQuery Lightbox Plugin. Very nice. Install like any plugin, then choose Lightbox in the Gallery>>Options>> Effect. Nice.