Clear Cache for Single Site on iPhone

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Clearing cache on iPhone is an all or nothing deal unless you know the following steps. I don’t want to clear all my cache, cookies, history every time I want to test the sites I am working on so I go through this process to clear the one I need to hard refresh. Otherwise, you can’t hard refresh (similar to shift + refresh does not exist on iPhone).

To clear your cache for a single site(s) rather than dumping the entire cache/cookies/history, follow the screenshots:

Go to Settings>>Safari

Scroll past the link to Clear History and Website Data to “Advanced”

On the Advanced Screen, click “Website Data”.

You will see a list of sites you have visited. At the top, tap ‘Edit’ to get the next screen…

The ‘Edit’ link will display the following. Tap the ‘-‘ minus signs to pull up the ‘Delete’ button seen below. Tap delete for the site”(s) you want to clear.


When you return to Safari, the sites you deleted will reload automatically.