Tinnitus Meditation Anyone Can Do.

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This worked for me surprisingly fast so I wanted to have someone else try it. If it helps you with your Tinnitus, please let me know. I would like to hear what things you can add to this simple process to make it better for all who suffer from this affliction. It’s real. Don’t let anyone minimize your situation. Take control.

You know what Tinnitus (or ringing of the ears) is. That’s why you are here. I have it from years of playing music, concerts, headphones and a short stint with the dreaded ear buds. Both of my ears ring all the time. Sometimes worse than others. Age and stress are irritants to the Tinnitus I have as well as any high pitched noise. I listened to a pitch fork recently and it set it off for days. I don’t recommend it.

One Doctor I spoke with cited research on the mental side of Tinnitus injury. The noise is physical. The solution can be part mental and emotional. Knowing that the ambient noise you are hearing could possibly be natural ambiance, changes things mentally. Ambient noise amplified by your mental capacity to focus on something that was previously relegated to the subconscious, can make the actual symptoms worse. In other words, the theory is that our world has ambient sound that is ignored by the conscious mind unless triggered by an event that brings it to your conscious mind like injury, stress, moving to a quieter environment or mental disease.

How I believe this effects my case.

The way I am attempting to treat the untreatable is to take to heart the message that some or all of the ‘ringing’ could indeed be natural sounds I have been hearing all my life but was not previously, consciously aware of. You don’t “hear” what isn’t transferred to your consciousness. Now that I “hear” the ringing, I can’t un-hear it. Sometimes it subsides until I notice it’s not there, then it comes back tenfold because I am now focused on that sound to the exclusion of other sounds around me.

I’ve tried everything. The damage is done and is not going to get fixed without surgery or some miracle cure. White noise can help but gives you no visual cues. I’ve been told by many doctors that there is no treatment and no cure. (I always correct them by saying “no known cure”).

Try this and let me know. I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice. It’s a simple trick to take a mental break from your symptoms and help manage them. Plus it’s drug free and you don’t have to put anything in your ears.

Find a location with semi busy car traffic of some kind. Not overwhelming noise but cars going by more than occasionally. Try to find a spot where you can view a car for at least a few seconds as it passes and have a seat. I like my porch because we are overlooking a fairly busy street. Notice if there are other noises you can see as well. What seems to be important is to make a visual connection to the sounds you are hearing and focus on only those you can also see.

Listen as best you can for an approaching vehicle. Visualize the car coming into view and track it with your ears and eyes, moving your head to get the best focus. Track the noise by staring at it in the direction you hear it coming from (even if you can’t see it yet). Continue to track the vehicle with your eyes forward and focus on the sound. Turn your head with the car in the direction it is going and continue until it is out of view and then out of earshot. Repeat this process with the next approaching vehicle from any direction and include the following very important step.

While you are visually focusing your hearing on the passing vehicles, say a phrase similar to this in your mind: “That is a real sound”. Tell yourself mentally “The sound I am currently focusing on, viewing and hearing is a real sound.”. Absorb the sound into your ears as you repeatedly tell yourself that this is real. Focus your conscious mind on “real” sounds only and only those you can clearly fixate your eyes on. To me, these are the only sounds that the average person without Tinnitus hears. We who suffer also hear the ambient sounds.

Conversely, when the ringing comes back into focus, say this in your mind: “That is not a real sound. That is my Tinnitus. That is a natural ambient frequency and damage to the structure of my ear.” Try not to dwell. Make it quick then shift your mind gently back to focusing on the next car and the next “real” sound. When no cars are present, try to see other stationary sounds and stare at them, repeating that this is “real” sound.

Sounds like birds are great if you can see the birds AND visually track them AND they are making sound. In other words, try to ignore any sound when you can’t visually track it’s source.

Try this method when you have ample time to complete the process. 5 to 15 minutes is more than enough. For me it works fast. After you learn it you can use it wherever you are, at any time, for any durationr. I find it actually heightens my awareness as an added bonus. Noise that might have bothered me before becomes a source for my therapy and no longer irritates me.

If you like this tip email me at shotgundesign at gmail dot com. I’d love to hear if this helps you. The ringing comes back but I believe most Tinnitus sufferers would consider any break from the ringing a blessing, even if only temporary. Share this with others who suffer so we can advance a cure. Many more will be afflicted soon with the ubiquitous ear buds everyone is using. Ban the bud!