Secure, Paperless HIPAA Compliant Data Solutions. Take Your Practice Online.

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OjaiWebDev is now offering a new consulting and development service for Medical Practices, Aesthetics Clinicians, CMT’s, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and even Veterinarian Clinics looking to go green, reduce paper and ink use, increase data security and take their “paperwork” into the digital age: HIPAA Compliant Paperless Solutions.

HIPAA Compliant, Secure data submission is much less expensive than you may think for your practice. Monthly fees for storage, security, secure email and HIPAA Compliant server space can be as low as $50/month or even lower for most practices. Patients can fill out intake and consent forms, online, prior to visits and even physically sign their digital documents using a touch screen or mouse.

The information can be sent to your secure email, that we will set up, in encrypted PDF attachments, HTML files or even CSV files that can be imported into other databases.

Think of a day when your practice hands the patient an iPad instead of a clipboard, simple workstation in your lobby or even better, your clients/patients filling out documents prior to visits in the privacy of their own homes. When they get to your office, no waiting to fill out paperwork plus you’ll have prior knowlege of the reasons for their visits which will give your office even greater efficiency.

Secure Online medical records are not the wave of the future…they are happening now! Compliant, Secure and Green. Contact us today for a free consultation.