Structured MicroData Tester Helps Troubleshoot Microdata for Better SEO

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If you are struggling with microdata tagging for your site’s SEO, use this troubleshooter. It won’t tell you whatt to do but it will help you troubleshoot.

TIP: After you test a url, refresh the tester to test it again. The button for ‘NEW TEST’ is to put in a new url, not re-test the current one.

TIP: On your site, make sure your items are nested inside of a span or div with the itemscope tag where itemtype=”” so for most it’s itemtype=””. Then the itemprop tags are nested inside like the following example (required itemprop’s differ for different itemtype/org types):

<div class=”my-site-container”  itemscope  itemtype=””>
<meta itemprop=”name” content=”The  Factory”>
<meta itemprop=”address” content=”200 Min St, Oxnard, CA 93036″>
<meta itemprop=”telephone” content=”866-555-5555″>
<meta itemprop=”priceRange” content=”1-1000″>
<img src=”” itemprop=”image”  />