The default setting all Bing advertisers should know about

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I’m really hot on Bing ads right now. It’s like shopping at Ross. It’s not as popular as Macy’s or nearly as nice but you get the same exact products for a lot less. In this case, a click is a click right? It’s still a connection to a prospect that is looking for my products.

One thing I think all Bing newbies like me should know about is the rather open ended location targeting. Depending upon your business, you might restrict you ads to US residents or residents from your state or even your town and towns around you. Regardless, both Bing and Google give you the best tools available to target locations. Bing has a setting that sort of goes around your targets so Bing can expand it’s inventory and serve your ad (and make more money off of you!).

In your Bing interface, select your campaign. Click on the Settings tab. Find ‘Location’. I the example below we are targeting Nevada, California and Arizona. Above the locations, click the well hidden link for ‘Edit Location Targets ‘.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.13.55 PM

When you click the edit location targets link you will see something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.03.21 PM

Right above the ‘Done’ button, you will see an option for ‘People searching for or viewing pages about your targeted locations’. If that checkbox is checked, you are making your ads available to people outside of your target area who are searching for info ‘about your locations’. Imagine trying to target your ads to in the California. With this box checked, you could be serving your ad to someone in Taiwan who is searching for info about California (but they are not IN California!). If I sell cars in California, I don’t want my ad seen by someone in Brazil searching for info about car clubs in California (and I really don’t want them clicking on my ad!).

Review all campaigns. The same applies for all targeting including nations. If I only ship to the USA, I only want my ads serving in the USA. Not to people looking for info about the USA from other countries.