YAA Launches Yoga For American Soldiers with Assist from OjaiWebDev

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Yoga for American Soldiers LogoWe play a small role in the overall lives of the businesses and people that we work for so it is great when we get a ride-along with a great cause like Yoga For American Soldiers, sponsored by our client and friend, Yoga Across America.

The concept devised by Gina Garcia of YAA, is to start a non-political movement to bring the peace of mind that yoga can provide for some, while also assisting wounded warriors with an alternative method for rehabbing various physical and psychological injuries they may have incurred while in service.

The movement is completely neutral on any political stance on the armed services and their role in our world. Their mission is the same as their overall mission. Expose people to yoga as a way of life that brings joy into many of the lives of those who practice.

The video I it says it all better than I ever could.